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Assalamu Allaikum! Welcome to

This website has been created in memory and appreciation of my Murshid, Hazrat Pir Ghulam Habib (Naqshbandi) (R.A.). He was born on 2nd December, 1904 (23rd Ramadhan, 1322 AH) and passed away on 21st September, 1989 (19 Safar,1410 AH) at the age of 85 years. He was also my late father's Murshid (Pir) since 1969. My father passed away on the 13th February, 1981. During his lifetime he remained very attached to Pir Saheb and Pir Saheb too was very fond of him.

My father first met him in Makkahtul Mukarramah in 1969 (1388 AH) at Haj time while doing Tawaaf. Hazrat was sitting among his Mureeds on the Mataaf area between Hajre Aswad and Rukn Yamani. My father got attracted because of the great personality of Hazrat Sahab with people sitting around him. He joined them and then followed him to Madina and requested Hazrat Sahab to accept him as his Mureed. He was made a Mureed in Madina Munawwarah. We are greatly indebted to our father for having found and introduced Hazrat Pir Saheb to us. May Allah reward him immensely for this, Ameen.

During the years of 1987 (Sept/Oct) and 1988 (June/July), when Hazrat was aged 83 and 84 respectively, I was privileged to be his Khadim. I was also privileged to stay and perform Haj with him in 1988 (1408 AH). While in UK, I traveled around the UK with him during his Bayaan programs. I recorded some of his Bayaans on a tape recorder. I created a collection of about 30 cassettes. I have treasured these since Pir Sahab passed away in September 1989.

In order to share these with you, I decided to create this website and include his Bayaans for you to listen and download in MP3. These are exactly as the original recording without editing of content or sound quality.

Pir Sahab (RA) was a great personality of this time and age. I have never seen or met any greater Pir (Mentor) in my life.  He was the most genuine, sincere and humble person I have ever met. He was the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my life. His face was so full of "noor" that one was immediately reminded of Allah by seeing him. He had a naturally fair skin complexion and all his hair was white. Even his eye brows were white. He was tall and of strong built. He was not fat.

He closely observed the Sunnah in every aspect of his life. I have not seen him doing anything against the Sunnah and Shariah. He truly practiced what he preached. He had the best and perfect Akhlaq (manners) - rarely found in others in this age. He was very hygienic and observed cleanliness in every way. His teeth were sparkling white. They were his natural teeth. His clothes and body were always clean and fresh. He never had a foul smell. He was very particular about his personal hygiene. He was never scruffy and used to get angry at those who were.

He used to wear a white Kurta (Jubba) with loose sleeves and no collar. The length of his Kurta used to be below his knees but above his ankles. (somewhere between his ankles and knees). His Izaar was above his ankles. He used to wear a white Amaamah. He could wrap this neatly and perfectly on his head without looking in the mirror. He also used to keep a white "roomal" (scarf) with him over his shoulder when walking. He used to walk with an "Aasaa" (long stick) - like the one used on Jummah for Khutbah. He had a habit of taking long walks regularly. He really had so many special qualities that it is really difficult for me to explain here. In short, all I can say is that he was a true slave and lover of Rasoolullah (SAW). I just wonder how beautiful and great our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself was, if this was the condition of his simple slave !

We will always remain indebted to him for his fatherly love that he gave to me and to my brothers, and the invaluable spiritual and exemplary guidance that we received from him. We simply can not repay him. All we can do is to pray to the Almighty Allah to reward him immensely and raise his status in Jannah. Until we meet him there, Insha-Allah, we will always miss him. Every time I listen to his Bayaans on the cassettes, my eyes are filled with tears. They carry a new meaning every time I listen to them. I never tire from listening to them. His Bayaans are unique in many ways. His Bayyans are based on only the Qur'aan and Hadith - nothing else. He used to love listening, reading and preaching the Qur'aan. He was a Hafeez-ul-Qur'aan (committed the whole Qur'aan to him memory). His knowledge and understanding of the Qur'aan and Hadith was very extensive. Many great Ulema have also testified to this fact. I am also convinced that he was one of the greatest Pir (Shaikh) of this time and age.

This website is the least I can do to appreciate and acknowledge his favours, not just to our family, but to all of us who were his Mureeds (spiritual students) in UK and abroad. By listening to and presenting his Bayaans on this website, I hope to spiritually revive myself and others. Also, maybe, in small way, promote Hazrat Pir Saheb's mission of Tabligh. May Allah accept this work, Ameen.

Hazrat had commissioned over 20 very capable "Khulafa" (representatives) during his life time to carry on his work after his demise. His sons were also entrusted with these responsibilities. Alhamdu-Lillah, they are all fulfilling their duty and many people around the world are spiritually benefiting from them. Many Mureeds of Hazrat Pir Saheb have renewed their "Beit" with his Khulafa after Hazrat's demise. I have done the same with Hazrat Ismail Ahmad Wadee Sahab of Blackburn, UK. He is now my Shaikh and he too is the greatest Pir (Shaikh) of this time and age. He was born on the 07th February, 1921 and is aged 86 at this time. May Allah make him live long, Ameen. I have included some of his Bayaans on the "Bayaans by Khulafa" page.

I would appreciate any material or comments that might be good for the website.

Insha-Allah, in future, I hope to include Bayaans by his sons and his Khulafa. Also I intend to include introduction and update of activities of the religious institutions (Darul Uloom's) established by Hazrat Pir Saheb and by his sons; (Late) Hazrat Moulana Abdur Rehman and Hazrat Moulana Abdur Raheem. There are more that three institutions in Chakwal presently run and managed by Hazrat Moulana Abdur Rahim. Please see the photo Gallery Section for a glimpse of these Darul Ulooms.

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